This site was designed for those teachers that think teaching Houghton Mifflin is too all consuming to have time to integrate technology or teachers that feel their classrooms have been conquered by the worksheet. We hope to change your mind and give you hope.

This site has been made by teachers that use technology daily to motivate and engage students in authentic learning, differentiate instruction, integrate many standards into one lesson and like to have FUN!:)

This IS a work in progress. Please, please add ideas! If you have any questions or would like to contact me, you can reach me at ewagner@nmusd.us or visit my blog at http://www.woodlandtechteam.blogspot.com For questions about the first grade pages contact dferguson@nmusd.us
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Other online resources
Poway School has stickers to go on the back of the big books for Comprehension Strategies and Focus- so you don't have to have the TE on your lap.

Santa Maria Bonita School District has great send Theme homeletter templates, high frequency flashcards, and tons of elements/posters for your Focus Wall

Houghton Mifflin Resources.com (new site with growning amount of resources)

Grade Level Index

http://t4.jordan.k12.ut.us/grade_level/index.html has great lessons organized by grade and standards and was the inspiration for this site

Handwriting Worksheets

Computer Centers for K

How to do Universal Access Time http://www.independentworktime.com

Resources by subject and grade

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