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Welcome to Kindergarten
Theme 1: Look at Us!
Theme 2: Colors All Around
Theme 3: We're a Family
Theme 4: Friends Together
Theme 5: Let's Count
Theme 6: Sunshine and Raindrops
Theme 7: Wheels Go Around
Theme 8: Down on the Farm
Theme 9: Spring is Here
Theme 10: A World of Animals

Preparing to Read
Keynote Presentation for Day#4
This quicktime slideshow helps students blend words, build fluency, and get ready to read the little book of the week. So refer to your TE for more indepth directions.
Click on the slideshow to advance to the next screen. For Phonics Practice, review the vowel sound of the week. As the letters fly onto the page have the students sound out the word. When the word has been built, have students blend and guess the word. Click to advance to a picture that will tell them if they are right. Continue until all words (4) have been built.
For Flueny Practice, have students try to guess at the words without sounding them out. If they make an error, go back and sound it out. Make them aware of the letter that has been removed. "If we take off a /t/ and add a /d/, what do we get?" I found that students had a hard time keeping all the sounds in their head, and really they won't need to when reading, so why not teach them to use the visual clues.
For getting ready to read, guide students to read title first, predict what the story will be about and prepare for some story words by practicing whole class. Don't forget to set a purpose before students begin reading.

Beginning Sounds-Choose a letter

Writing Guide
Watch Spinner, the Writing Spider, actually draw the letters of the alphabet. He's a good and tireless model to follow!

Alphabet Book
This site walks your students through making an alphabet book.
Alphabet Organizer

Online Listening Center
This site has some simple but fun stories that are read aloud. Words light up as they are read. Student turn pages by clicking the mouse.
Read Me a Story