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THEME 5-Week 1 Moving Day

Phonics: Digraphs sh, th, wh, ch, tch
High Frequency Words
High Frequency Words Day 1 Flash gives presentation of word meaning then students drag correct word to box.
High Frequency Words Day2Quicktime movie use as presentation or student review.
Comprehension Strategy Focus: Question Poster
Comprehension Skills: Compare and Contrast Posters

Day 1 Redblock Lesson Presentation Quicktime format: Includes Daily Lang. Practice, Spelling Pretest Announcement, Spelling Lesson and Word Pattern _ash _ush Lesson.
Memory Spelling Game Words
Vocab Poster

Vocabulary: Antonyms (opposites)Online Presentation; Size Words (i.e. huge, tiny) Online Presentation
eWord Game
Grammar: Exclamations
Writing: An Alternate Ending; Complete Sentences
Listening/Speaking: Visualizing; Conversation

Computer Centers links to Interactive web sites for students to practice Theme 5 Week 1 phonics skills
Phonics: Digraphs sh, th, wh, ch, tch Online Game

School Home Links - homework worksheets
Word Patterns
Word Patterns Span
High Frequency Words
High Frequency Words Span
Spelling Words